A catalyst increases the rate of reaction. If you're like most developers these days, no matter how great your plan, you could use a catalyst to increase the market's reaction to your community or resort. We're talking about accelerated absorption rates on a shorter timeline at a price premium. Sound like what you need? Read on.

Through a proven marketing approach based on years of working with some of the world's best developers, Catalyst Marketing has a track record of connecting with buyers and converting them. The chemical we add to the mix is simple but powerful: Storytelling. You have to build two projects at the same time: one on the ground, and one in the hearts and minds of your prospective buyers. The one on the ground is enormously complex. The one that connects with buyers must be incredibly simple: it must communicate that yours is a place that will add value to their lives well beyond the price they pay. Doing that effectively is the art of Catalyst.

Below are some of the communities that Catalyst has been involved in over the years:

2006 Hampton Lake Sales $79 Million
2007 Hampton Lake Sales 67 homesites/110 homes

2006 Sales - $25 million and $10 million in sales, respectively, for the "Painted Sky" and "Coyote Springs" neighborhoods

2005 Old Palm Sales - $80 Million

2001 Tesoro Club Sales $57 Million
2002 Tesoro Groundbreaking $10 million
2003 Ginn Sales Volume $311 million
2004 Ginn Sales Volume $750 million

Westin Savannah Harbor Resort
100,000 room nights prior to Grand Opening Weekend