2006 Hampton Lake Sales $79 Million
2007 Hampton Lake Sales 67 homesites/110 homes

2006 Sales - $25 million and $10 million in sales, respectively, for the "Painted Sky" and "Coyote Springs" neighborhoods

2005 Old Palm Sales - $80 Million

2001 Tesoro Club Sales $57 Million
2002 Tesoro Groundbreaking $10 million
2003 Ginn Sales Volume $311 million
2004 Ginn Sales Volume $750 million

Westin Savannah Harbor Resort
100,000 room nights prior to Grand Opening Weekend

"Jim was creative and always handled tasks on a timely basis. He is a good thinker and was a real value to the organization. Highly recommend Jim for any assignment."

-- Steve Wilson, Vice-President WCI Communities

"I have worked with Jim on several projects over the years. He has always demonstrated an acute understanding of how to produce results through a collaborative effort of online and offline media. He understands the nuances of resort/real estate business as well as he understands what it takes to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. I'm confident Jim would be an asset to your organization."

-- Jeff Davis, President, Ginn Real Estate Company

"Jim has a great understanding of real estate marketing and technology, and has the ability to get things done in a professional and timely basis. He has also proven himself to be a man of good character."

-- John Reed, Developer, Reed Development Company

"Jim provides a unique balance of creativity and attention to detail in all that he takes on. He is hardworking, intense and is a team player, admired by all who work with him in any capacity."

-- John Biltgen, Chief Operating Officer, BriarRose Land Company

"Jim was very instrumental in securing an unusually large amount of pre-opening room bookings for The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa. Jim is a person of high integrity and strong work ethic. He was well liked and respected by all who worked with him."

-- John McCleskey, Project Manager, CSX Realty Development - Savannah Harbor Resort

"Jim was a great resource for Hampton Lake in the development and implementation of our marketing strategy. Jim is a true professional with a great work ethic and impeccable integrity."

-- Gerrit Albert, President, Hampton Lake

"Jim is a true team builder and possesses the knowledge and working experience that links both the dynamics of real creativity with the ever changing intricacies of today's fast paced and rapidly evolving marketing environment."

-- Gary Sandor, Partner, Reed Development

"Working with Jim was always a joy and an opportunity to learn. He has great ideas and is quick to execute. He takes the time to explain things, stays cool under pressure, and will always lend a hand to his colleagues. He is creative and has fantastic ideas."

-- Laura Biller, Marketing Coordinator / Featured Builder Program, Tesoro Club

"Jim was my Manager at The Tesoro Club. He was always available to all of his employees with an 'Open Door' Policy. Jim is a true leader. I am honored that I had the opportunity to work and grow with him at Tesoro."

-- Lisa Stevens, Systems Administrator / Marketing Coordinator, Tesoro Club

"Jim is a team player with an extraordinary work ethic. His knowledge of the Real Estate Marketing industry is very thorough and his track record is proven."

-- Tate Turner, Sale Executive, The Ginn Company

"I worked with Jim on several projects while he was with WCI Communities. He was an integral team member always on the ready with a strategic plan of action, valuable insight and professional business attitude. His drive and determination were assets to WCI."

-- Kristen Gucwa, Corporate Marketing, WCI Communities